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Pedernales Falls State Park

"To be free, to be happy and fruitful, can only be attained through sacrifice of many common but overestimated things." - Robert Henri

Like most of our adventures, they aren't thoroughly planned. We wanted to "burn out," so to speak. So we picked something from our Texas bucket list, loaded up the Toyota Sunrader and gave it a go!

Our road trip to the famous Pedernales Falls was more than just a family adventure. It's a test of our travel skills and whether or not we can really live with less. And the truth is... we can. We, I, would like to live with less. Everything else is a matter of comfort and convenience. All that I really need is right here in front of me.

1987 Toyota Sunrader

Camp site #16. Prime time! This spot had a trail that let straight back to Twin Falls.

Nothin' but love!

Pre-Hike smoothie in the making. The Nutribullet is the one appliance that I can't live without.

Pedernales Falls. The land on the other side is private property. You're not allowed to swim in or touch the water within the falls area. This has been in effect since 1977. It really is majestic and I could have spent days down here walking all over these beautiful rock formations.

Side planking all over Texas! Marble Leggings from Altar Ego Apparel. My inner paleontologist was shrieking with joy!

Who needs a bunch of toys when you have awesome river sand to play with!

Okay... now for the part that you can swim in. Crystal clear freshwater on a warm day can be so tempting. The following photos are from a separate hike down a trail not far from our camp site. You have to hike down the bluffs and wade across the river. So don't bring too much with you and consider carrying your kids. Water was just under knee deep for me. You can hang out by the river (lucky for us we had it all to ourselves) or continue onward up the ridge. We'll have to save the extra hiking for when Odin's little legs aren't so tired.

Before you cross the river!

Crossing the Pedernales River!

River Stones and clear water! Calgon take me away.

Of Course I would do that! Yoga Set from our friends at Sovi Fit.

Baby napped on the ground next to dad in the shade of a dead Cypress tree. I can only imagine what this place of wonderment looks like in the spring with fresh greenery. We will definitely be back!

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