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My Story

Let's rewind the clock and go back to January of 2015. Fitness wasn't always a passion of mine but after 10 years of absolutely NO exercise and an 18 month old baby boy I knew that I had to do something about my health and overall well being but I just didn't know what or how.  At the time, I was stuck in a physical and mental rut.  My confidence was diminishing. I was saddened that I had diastasis recti 
(separation of rectus abdominis) and my stomach always appeared distended. My joints were hurting, I was constantly fatigued and exhausted.  I hardly had enough time to cut my own fingernails much less exercise.  Joining a gym and finding child care was not an option for me because it's too costly and time consuming.  I found a few things online like the occasional YouTube video or cool Pinterest graphic but I felt like I needed something that felt more complete.


A friend of mine invited me to go to a FREE PiYo class - a pilates & yoga fusion workout in a group fitness setting. I kid you not, I almost backed out on going. But that little voice inside my head said, just go! Well, I went, and I loved it. It was at this point that everything started to unfold.  


I told the instructor (DeLenn Maples) that this is  exactly what I needed and wanted to know how I could do more PiYo on a regular basis.  I attended her free class every Sunday until eventually she asked me to join her online accountability group and do the home workout version of PiYo. I completed two rounds of PiYo (16 weeks) in the comfort of my own home (and many times with a toddler crawling on me). Working out 6 days a week for an average of 35 minutes a day! That's it! Long story short, my ailments were diminishing, diastasis recti was on the mend and I had never felt better about myself. I felt EMPOWERED! I absolutely love and truly believe in the PiYo program.  




By late spring I began to wonder how I could help other women in the same boat. With DeLenn's encouragement I stepped out of my comfort zone and started coaching in the same way. By fall I decided to take my soulmate workout to the next level and became a Certified PiYo Live Instructor.


January was quite a surprise! I was pregnant with my second baby so my aspirations for teaching live classes were put on hold while I focused on caring for myself. I resumed teaching private lessons from home in 2017 and called it PiYo on the Patio. I had such a fun time honing in on my instruction skills and getting to know my neighbors and making a few new friends. 


In 2018 I started co-teaching PiYo with DeLenn at a small gym in Houston, Texas called Quality Life Fitness. It was around this time that I became curious about nutrition, food, and digestive health. I was eating healthy but still struggled with GI issues, excessive bloating, and digestive upset. My desire to heal myself led to researching digestive diseases, to FODMAPS, to Ayurveda... I began to learn A LOT! 

By 2019 I finally embraced the nutrition component that came with all of my home workout programs, matched it with my new knowledge and began to feel great again. I often look back and wonder why it took me so long to get on board. After all, it's a journey, not a race! I focused on eating a balanced macro diet and significantly reduced my consumption of processed foods. 

Since then, I have been coaching people, sharing my knowledge and experiences as well as tools for success in my virtual wellness groups. 

The quote at the top of this page truly says it all! If you need a nudge to step in the right direction and take charge of your health just know that you've come to the right place! Connect with me and get started on your wellness journey today! 

To learn more about how you can get started on your wellness journey with all the right tools click here  

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