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Hey there, my name is Alexi Senske. I'm a native Texan born and raised in the city of Houston. It wasn't until my postpartum rebirth in 2015 that I discovered my passion for health & wellness. I remember being fatigued often and hitting that awful mid-day slump for years. I wanted to be more active and work on my health but after working long hours at a mentally and physically demanding job I was exhausted. Exercising and going to the gym was the last thing on my mind. Then in 2013 I gave birth to my first child. After about a year and a half I struggled with postpartum blues and was feeling lost both mentally and physically. In 2015 I connected with an online community and finally made the commitment to "Do Me" & work on myself! I had no idea that was what I needed in my life. 


"You can't pour from an empty cup. Take care of yourself first!"



My experience lit a fire in me and I knew that I had to help anyone who might be in the same boat. I turned my new found joy into a career and even became a fitness instructor to teach live group classes. Since that time I have been able to retrieve my passions that have been there all along and harness the wonderful things that were imprinted on me as a child, like cooking, nutrition, natural healing, creativity, and most of all... making fitness or daily movement a priority.


I created Trop Aqua Wellness to share my love of health & wellness and inspire you to live a healthy, fulfilling, and vital life. I believe that with the right balance of nutrition, daily exercise and self-care, you can exponentially benefit all aspects of life and create a happier healthy you! I offer monthly accountability groups, customized meal plans, and guided virtual fitness programs. Additionally I can provide one on one coaching and support to suit your needs and dive deeper into nutrition with an e-course. 

Woman exercising in the park


Find something that you'll love to do that will work on your level and schedule.

Salmon salad and rice bowl


Create sustainable nutrition habits. Dive deeper and learn how to fuel for performance or functionality.

Team of women


Why do it alone? Virtual buddies are the best cheering squad and support system. 

laptop computer displaying digital library of workouts


All of the tools right at your finger tips. Take your gym and courses with you.

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