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Baby's First Hike - The Houston Arboretum

So over the Thanksgiving weekend the hubs and I really felt like hiking a mountain. The weather was pleasant and and our souls were clearly begging for some fresh air. The problem: We live in a huge metropolitan concrete jungle and we would have to drive well over an hour outside of the city limits to escape the smog bubble. The solution: Retreat to the Houston Arboretum, our 155 acre nature get-away less than 15 minutes from home. There aren't any hills or mountains but it's a beautiful place where we can go to disconnect from [sub]urban life. Here is my photographical account of our day in nature.

Sand, tree stumps and more! What else could a three year old want!

As promised... we would find turtles and lily pads.

My favorite tree stump.

The Pond. This is my happy place and everyone else's happy place. Since it was the weekend, the arboretum was pretty busy and I couldn't help but notice all of the people yearning to get outside and unplug from their daily grind. I believe that we NEED nature. Fitness and nutrition are key components to healthy living but nature really tops it all off. If you suffer from stress or anxiety... you need to get outside. It has so many healing components and your senses will be enlivened! Next time you are under a pine tree just look up and take it all in.

Crazy hair don't care! My little crew of grumpy angels. Baby Ren is just 7.5 weeks old here. She was a champ on this hike.

These two: dad and daughter

How about those high-waters! It's time for some new sweat pants. LOL!

I saw two baby wearing mamas

Just like me

I saw one mama nursing her baby on the bench

Just like me

I am where I'm supposed to be!

Out of all of the experiences I've had out of the house so far this was the first time I felt like "I wasn't the only one." Sending positive vibes to all of those nature loving families.

"I am only boy." - Odin

If you find yourself feeling like a fish out of water gasping for air check out The Houston Arboretum & Nature Center. They host events and have a number of great classes. My favorite would be Merriwether's Foraging Classes!

Believe, Be You, Be Well!

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