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Staying POSITIVE isn't always as easy as it might appear to be! Perhaps you're being inundated with a bunch of Happy Happy Joy Joy that's making you queasy. Have you ever thought to yourself... "Does she ever have a bad day? They make it look so easy. This can't be real!"

I know I put off a lot of positive vibes through my digital media. The truth is, life is real...real hard at times. We have our ups and downs but changing perspective and putting out all of the positive mojo I can into the world will only make it a better place for others and myself to be. If you're reading this chances are you are like me and you really don't want to live inside of a dark cave.

So check out these few tips I jotted down and watch the video for more insight and some REAL WORLD backyard footage of your sweaty pregnant coach!

Tips for Staying POSITIVE:

  • Choose Happy

  • Smile often

  • Compliment Others

  • Read some great books. Something inspirational and preferably non-fiction.

  • Look at the bright side of things.

  • Take responsibility of your life! You are in charge of your destiny.

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