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I'm a native Texan, mom, fitness instructor, and wellness mentor. I'm passionate about helping people find their path to living and sustaining a vibrant healthy life. Here at Trop Aqua Wellness, I like to focus on daily movement, nutrition, and self-care. I offer monthly accountability groups, customized meal plans, and guided virtual fitness programs.


Prior to 2015, physical fitness wasn't my strong suit! Joining a community and support system have been the ultimate game changers for my personal wellness. If there is one thing I've learned it's that it's a journey, not a race. Accountability has been the glue that holds everything together - the key to consistency. I always say, why do it alone when we can do it together? It's my mission to make the wellness journey fun and sustainable.


As you browse my site I hope that you feel encouraged to lead a healthy life. To learn more about my online wellness community and how I can help go here or simply take a look around and send me message later. You'll also find that I like to get a lil' crafty. I create products that will enhance & support the wellness journey as well as partner with other artists doing the same. Be sure to check out the shop when you're done cruising around. 

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