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We've all been there... in a Funk. Call it a bad mood, lethargic, brain fog, being "off", out of alignment. Shoot, blame it on Mercury. The thing is that it just doesn't feel good to feel funky. And I'm not talking about the groovy kind!

There may be a few reasons why one might have been sent into a funk in the first place like stress, lack of sleep, irritability, digestive discomfort, eating the wrong foods, etc. In my experience, if the Funk phase lasts too long then that can lead to anxiety and depression.

So if you're in a #sahmomlife situation like me you can't exactly retreat to a quiet meditation then check out some of my favorite ways to get out of a funk and into a good mood!

Watch the vid!

1) Jump up & down. Literally shake it up! Knee highs, butt kicks, jump rope. This is kind of where the exercise part comes in. You see, when you exercise you release chemicals called endorphins aka nature's happy pills. :) So get moving!

2) Go upside down. Handstand, headstand, hanging from the monkey bars - you've got options. Try laying down with your legs against the wall. Did you know that inversions can help reduce stress, anxiety and help drain your lymphatic system? Pretty cool, huh!

3) Look for tiny bugs and other critters. Sometimes you just gotta get down on the ground level, be a kid and take a moment to appreciate the little things in life. Natural wonders are all around us. Even in the urban jungle. We're just a tiny speck in the big universe. Perspective.

4) Rearrange the furniture. I find that this helps to break up stagnant energy in the home. It's a great way to create a "new space" with the things you already own. This is something that I've done seasonally since I was a kid. Try taking it a tad further and painting a wall. If you don't own any house plants you NEED to get some. They are magical and give you air to breathe!

5) Sing & Dance. Do it like no one is watching. I bet you'll make yourself laugh. Seriously, this one never fails.

6) Lastly, be super duper grateful. Think of 3 things daily that you're grateful for. I'm really grateful for my trusty '99 4-Runner and that I can use all 5 senses. True Story: The old me thought daily affirmations and positive quotes were corny. Once I embraced it, the world changed for the better. If your're reading this on your phone shit is pretty frickin' rad. Don't sweat the small stuff or compare yourself to others and remember to give yourself a lot of love!

So the next time your feeling super blah or in a funk give these a try. Do you have your own tricks? Please share some of the ways you like to get into a good mood in the comments below.

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Believe, Be You, Be Well,

Alexi Senske

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