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Bring PiYo to the workplace and show your employees what fun fitness is all about. This is the perfect way to boost morale, increase comaraderie and promote wellness amongst your staff.  Whether you are a corporate office, retail store, or simply hosting a wellness event we are here to meet your needs. Our certified PiYo Live Instructor & Wellness Coach, Alexi will be offering this service beginning in 2017.  


If you've landed on this page chances are you know that regular exercise is very beneficial to your health.  Yoga and other forms of fitness have been added to corporate wellness programs for several large companies.  Studies show that for every one dollar invested in corporate wellness, comapnies find a three dollar savings in health claims. Employees that stretch and breath together are more likely to work together with ease.  So why not try PiYo in the workplace? PiYo is low-impact and combines the benefits of Pilates and Yoga all into one. Live classes are customized to the needs of your employees and choreographed to the tune of current pop music. Fun, right?  PiYo is desingned to stretch and strengthen your muscles. You'll master the the sun salutaion, tricep push-ups, increase flexibility and build core strength with total body movements.  Whether you are a corporate office, retail store, or looking to host a fitness event, consider offering PiYo to your employees! 


  • More productive and happy employees

  • Reduced stress and anxiety

  • Reduced number of sick days

  • Increased staff camaraderie

  • Convenience

  • Promoting wellness


  • Classes are typically 60 minutes in length.

  • Practices are completed on yoga mats in a comfortable space large enough to use and play music (e.g., lunchroom, spare office, conference room, etc.)/

  • Employees should be wearing clothing that is comfortable and supportive.  Shoes are optional.

  • Classes are generally scheduled before work, after work, or during lunch hours.

  • Classes are designed for all experience levels - beginners through advanced.  

  • We can design classes for groups of any size, according to your space capacity.

  • Discounts are granted for workplaces that sign on for six classes or more. 

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PiYo can be offered to your employees in a few ways:

  • Full Subsidy - Employer offers classes free of charge to employees

  • Partial Subsidy - Fees are shared by employer & employee

  • Hosting: Employer offeres the space and location for classes & employees pay indivudually. 

Please contact us to discuss any questions and what type of goals you would like to achieve in the workplace.


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